Villa Bianca Luxury is happy to give you the opportunity to take advantage of an exclusive service,
on request that will allow you to enjoy your holiday with an additional pleasure.


Private Chef 

Would you like to have a Personal Chef cooking dinner for you in your apartment for a very special evening? Villa Bianca Luxury can make your dreams come true!

On request a chef from Aquariva, the best restaurant on the South Garda shore, will come to the Villa and will prepare, ”for your eyes only”, the menu that you will have previously chosen.

Thanks to this service you’ll be able to enjoy an evening quite different from the others you spent in great restaurants, with a touch of class and intimacy that only the privacy of your apartment can add to this magic moment.

No need to worry about the organization: your personal chef will take care of everything: “mise en place”, food and service. He will come and go on a flying carpet!

Home Catering

At Villa Bianca you can have a delicious meal brought directly to your apartment, just like using Room Service when staying in a hotel.
Choose what you like from the menu and the wine list and you will receive it at the requested time.

Another way to spend a brilliant evening with your friends!

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